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Our goal here at Aphrodite’s Sanctuary is to help you understand, and embrace your hair and to bring out your hair's individual, natural beauty.

The knowledge and experience of the world of hair and beauty is always evolving and with it Aphrodite’s Sanctuary is learning and growing to give you the best experience possible. This is how we are becoming the best curly hair salon in Toronto!

We know that it can sometimes be risky trying a salon for the first time, especially hard when you have curly hair. After all, who knows how good the stylists really are? You can rest assure, you've found your "go to" curl spot.

Welcome to Aphrodite’s Sanctuary, named #2 on blogTO’s list of curly hair salons in Toronto! We were humbled and honored by blogTO when they named us second on their list of top 10 curly hair salons in Toronto! We are number 2, so we try even harder Here’s what blogTO said about us….

Aphrodite’s Hair Sanctuary

This easy-to-miss shop does wonders in a tiny space, turning out luxurious curly manes worthy of the salon’s namesake goddess. Aphrodite’s focus is teaching women how to embrace the curls they were born with, from Deva dry cuts (owner Nadine Smellie is Deva-certified) and foil-free highlights. They also do right by those of us still addicted to our flatirons, with Brazilian straightening and extremely affordable, effective blowouts that can tame the unruliest of manes.

Our Guarantee

Visiting us is totally risk free! In fact, we are so confident that you will leave our salon feeling and looking like a million dollars that we personally 100% iron-clad guarantee it…

Call us now on 416-928-3333 to make your appointment.

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